BYOD Dance Party


Today, we unleash BYOD Houston to our city, nation and world. It is very exciting to see all of your positive reactions and responses. Please know that your thoughts, suggestions and ideas have greatly impacted what BYOD Houston is today. While the launch marks a very special milestone for BYOD, it is amazing to know that the best is yet to come.
Thank you to the 70 supporters who made BYOD Houston turn into a reality. I value all of your support and for believing in BYOD Houston’s long-term vision—even from its early beginnings. Special thanks to our 22 Pioneer Businesses as well as our Pioneer Members. Also, thank you to my mother and father who made sure that when the highs are high and the lows are low, that I do not lose sight of what’s most important.
So far, BYOD Houston has been a beautiful and rewarding experience. I am forever grateful for your support. We look forward to reaching for the stars, and ready to spread canine awareness and responsible dog ownership with all of you. Our future is bright and there’s a lot to howl about. But for right now, let’s celebrate and PAWTY!

Michelle Trejo

BYOD Houston Founder + CEO

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